Apsopress Thigh High – K030B



Product Code   :  K030 

Product Category   :   Surgical Dressings and Allied

Size   :   S,  M,  L, XL, XXL

Features    :

  • Helps to decrease Venus Pressure
  • Prevents Venus stasis and impairments of Venus walls
  • Relieves heavy and aching legs
  • Provides relief from tired and aching legs
  • Prevents your legs from varicose veins
  • Reduces mild swelling
  • Makes your legs feel healthy
  • Anti DVT
  • Surgical DVT
  • Anti-Embolism
  • Anti-Thrombosis

Indications :

Therapeutic support (15-20 mmHg, Mild Compression): Help relief from the tired, aching, fatigued legs, minor ankle and leg swelling, minor varicosities, incipient varicosis during pregnancy, prevention of thrombosis.

Class I (20-30 mmHg, Moderate Compression): Help relieve moderate ankle and leg swelling, moderate varicosities,post-schlerotherapy applications.

Class II (30-40 mmHg, High Compression): For Chronic venous insufficiency, pronounced oedema, atrophie blanche, dermatosclerosis and after resolution of severe ulcers.

Class III (40-50 mmHg, Very High Compression) :For pronounced lymphedema Elephantiasis