Lumbo Sacral Frame Corset – A018


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Product Code   :   A018

Product Category   :   Body Belts & Braces

Size   :   28″ to 50″

Features    :

  • Scientifically designed contoured back malleable aluminium frame support to immobilize the Lumbo Sacral region and to correct the postural deformity to all the back pain syndrome.
  • Made of skin friendly high quality fabric and cotton tape straps with heavy metal buckles to ensure extra durability.

Indications :

  • Intervertebral disc syndrome (slipped disk) , spinal injuries , osteo arthritis.
  • Osteporosis and related old age lumbar spine problem.
  • Comfort during long working hours and travel.
  • Temporary immobilization for accident victims during extrication and transportation.