Silicone Insoles – I012


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Product Code   :   I012

Product Category   :   Foot Care

Size   :   S, M, L

Dimension ( cms) :  29.5 x 10 x 2.5

Weight (gms) : 240

Features :

  • Non-compressible, medical grade silicone which absorbs impact during stance phase while walking.
  • Soft Anti-shock blue silicone zone incorporated at the heel and metatarsal region to reduce skeletal shock and redistribute peak pressure.
  • Durable and helps maintain a cool and comfortable surface beneath the foot.
  • Suited for continuous wear.

Indications  :

  • Metatarsalgia with heel spur.
  • Tired and weak foot.
  • Plantar fascitis.
  • Joint, arch and back pain.
  • Fat pad atrophy.