Taylor Brace – A015


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Product Code   :   A015

Product Category   :   Body Belts & Braces

Size   :   S, M, L, XL

Dimensions (cms) : 53 x 45 x 1.5

Weight (gms ): 800



  • Durable orthosis with two rigid up right para-spinal bars, which contain the spine in neutral position while permitting the requisite movement.
  • Vertical as well as horizontal malleable aluminium splints to provide perfect shape for immobilization and comfort.
  • Anterior elastic corset for better fitting.
  • Velcro strapping for easy application and removal.


  • Mild thoraco -lumbar region.
  • Herniated disc problems.
  • Post operative rehabilitation.
  • Hyper kyphosis with chrinic back pain.